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Crossing Into Medicine Country

From the coauthor of the million-copy, best-selling Medicine Cards comes this riveting account of initiation into ancient wisdom and the healing power of a Native American shaman.

A fascinating narrative of self-discovery, David Carson tells his story of initiation as a conjure man--a ceremonial healer--with the Choctaw medicine woman Mary Gardener. Through Mary's teachings, often conveyed in folktales of the primordial healer Yellow Tobacco Boy, and through his own, sometimes mind-bending experiences, Carson gives readers a glimpse into an alternate reality, where Western notions of physics do not apply, and health and illness express the balance between man and nature.

A work rich in spirit and Native American lore, Crossing into Medicine Country will appeal to anyone interested in alternative beliefs.

"Crossing Into Medicine Country is a rare account of a true transformational experience, which holds the key to profound healing. David Carson reveals sacred Native American knowledge in a unique, new way. Here is an exceptional opportunity to follow him on his journey through myths with hidden meaning and a deep touching of the soul." —Olga Kharitidi M.D.